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semi tractor trailers

Semi tractor trailers can be operated on dedicated CNG fuel with the proper OEM engine or operated on engines converted to CNG, LNG or Dual Fuel.  Dual Fuel refers to vehicles that simultaneously operate on CNG fuel and a small amoutn of Diesel fuel.


CNG FUEL, LLC can assist you with a dedicated CNG system or with your conversion to CNG fueling and the resulting fuel savings.

commercial fleets

CNG FUEL, LLC offers the lowest retail price to the public on Route I-80 between New York and Chicago at $1.99 per GGE (gallon equivalent).


Contact us for corporate savings.


See how much your fleet could save:

cargo vans & pickup trucks

CNG vehicles are environmentally friendly.  Compared with vehicles fueled by conventional gasoline or diesel, CNG vehicles produce lower amounts of emissions.  Not only can you save on money, but you will save the environment, as well.


See lighter-weight vehicle options here:

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